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Can I Get Pet Insurance for My Pet Bird?

Can I Get Pet Insurance for My Pet Bird?

How to Get Bird Pet Insurance

When you think of pet insurance, the first thing that comes to mind is probably cat and dog insurance. Some policies, however, extend to pet birds as well.

It is possible to get pet insurance for your feathery friend. The type of policy you get depends on the specific bird you have.

For instance, parrots are categorized as exotic birds, so the policy you would take out would be “exotic pet insurance.” You won’t find a specific “parrot insurance” per se.

That being said, here’s everything you need to know about taking out insurance on your pet bird.

How Long Do Birds Live?

Domesticated parrots and other exotic birds tend to have longer lifespans compared to traditional pets like cats and dogs. The African Grey, for instance, can live for 60+ years, so if you don’t have insurance for your pet bird, it’s something you should seriously consider doing.

Bird insurance isn’t all that different from other insurance policies designed to protect other animals. Nonetheless, several insurers tailor their policies to cater to costs related to your bird’s veterinary care.

Whether you’re looking for the best pet insurance policy to compensate you for the theft of your bird, help you with your avian vet bills, or any other unforeseen incident or emergency that may require some form of monetary expenditure on your part, pet bird insurance exists for that very purpose.

The average cost of veterinary care in the country for bird owners ranges anywhere between $30 and $100 per visit for every bird you own. The average annual vet costs are around $185. This doesn’t include the cost of any unexpected illness that would require a visit to the clinic during the year.

What Does Pet Bird Insurance Cover?

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to this. Pet bird insurance covers a wide range of issues. It all depends on what you can afford to include in your policy. Of course, the higher the number of potential risks you want to be covered, the more it’s going to cost you in premiums.

A typical vet visit, for instance, would include weighing the bird, checking their eyes, nares (nostrils), throat, vent, and crop. It may also involve listening to their heart and lungs, examining their wings, and trimming their claws. These routine activities can get quite pricey.

Getting insurance to cover these expenses just makes sense. The next logical question you might ask is – How much is pet insurance for a bird?

As fancy as it sounds, avian pet insurance doesn’t cost nearly as much as a pet insurance policy for traditional pets like cats and dogs. It is more affordable to take out a policy on your bird than it is to take one out on your dog. This is because canines don’t live as long as exotic birds and tend to have more health issues compared to avian animals.

Here’s an overview of the average monthly pet insurance costs in the US for different pets.

Policy TypeAverage Monthly Premium
Bird Insurance$16
Cat Insurance$28
Dog Insurance$39
Exotic Pet Insurance$9
Reptile Insurance$8

Depending on the type of bird you have and what you intend to cover, your pet bird’s monthly premiums could cost as little as $9 a month. Here’s what a basic policy would include.


If your bird dies for any reason, a policy with a full mortality cover would payout to help settle expenses related to injury, illness, or accidental death. However, limited mortality policies would only cover death in specific circumstances, like a fire in the home – for instance.

Public Liability

If you intend to take your bird to a public space or around other people, an insurance policy with a public liability cover would payout for any losses or injuries incurred if your bird harms someone. It also covers the bird if it is involved in an accident while out in public.


If your bird got stolen, a policy with a theft cover would provide monetary reimbursement based on a predetermined insurance value as stipulated in the contract. Theft covers are often bundled in mortality and medical policies.


Birds tend to live for quite a long time, so you will require the services of an avian exotic vet, chicken vet, or any other kind of bird vet, depending on the avian animal you have.

Having to foot the cost of treatment, medication, and jabs out-of-pocket can be quite expensive without insurance. A pet bird policy would cover all these medical procedures.

Common Bird Diseases Covered by Bird Insurance

Although domesticated birds – exotic or otherwise – tend to outlive those in the wild, they’re still susceptible to many of the same health conditions as their undomesticated counterparts. The most common avian diseases most pet bird insurance policies cover include:


This is a common bacterial infection that affects more than 400 different bird species. It is especially common in the parrot family of birds like cockatoos, budgies, conures, etc.

Fifty percent of all the birds that contract the disease die, but an emergency avian vet would be able to cure it if they got to it in time. Pet bird insurance policies usually cover the costs associated with the treatment of Psittacosis.


Proventricular Dilatation Disease (PDD) is a progressive condition that affects a bird’s central nervous system causing paralysis and eventual death. If your bird has it, they’ll require a lot of treatment, which can rack up a monumental emergency vet bill if they’re in critical condition. A bird insurance cover would help foot these costs.


This is yet another deadly disease that’s prevalent in most caged birds, especially parrots. It usually affects young birds and, in most cases, ends in fatalities.

Although there’s no known cure for the disease, an exotic bird vet would be able to provide you with the support you need to give your bird the care it needs. Most bird insurers usually cover the costs associated with the disease.

Financial Support to Protect Your Bird

The bottom line: Protecting your pet bird to keep it chirping costs a lot of money. An insurance policy provides the financial support required to meet the costs associated with getting high-quality veterinary care for your feathered friend.

Pet bird policies can be tailored to suit your budget and requirements, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to get insurance for them.

For more information on bird health, use our online Vet Chat to talk to any of our qualified avian veterinarians today.

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